Company principles

Our company, for perpetual continuance, endeavors to promote its growth and development to meet society needs and expectations.

Our company works toward establishing mutual trusts with consumers, business associates, and employees.

We ask ourselves what we can do to improve in the work we are doing now, and what we should do to prepare ourselves for the future.

We nurture a self-denying spirit, and courageously perform the task that needs to be done.

We lead our daily life with gratitude and thanks, and establish the basis for a happy life with an obedient heart and modest attitude.
Company Caitac Garment Processing, Inc.
Address 14725 S. Broadway Gardena, CA 90248 USA
Tel 310-217-9888
Fax 310-217-9151 (Main)
Location Located at 11 miles Southeast from Los Angels World Airport.
Product Specialization Denim jeans for Men, Women, & Kids
Production Capacity 100,000 pairs per week
  Human Resources

Our ideal is to secure co-existence and co-prosperity between people and enterprises. In pursuit of this goal, we are currently putting a greater stress on the improvement of the working environment and on personnel training in all departments so that every employee may be able to display his/her abilities to the fullest.
We work on compliance issue with strict California and Federal regulations, safety issues, workers' compensation issues.